Our Beliefs

Being a disciple of Christ means more than simply agreeing with a doctrinal statement. True discipleship involves the whole life—work, family, finances, recreation and creativity. Doctrine helps us to understand the intellectual boundaries of our faith and the message we seek to share, but the Christian faith is meant to be lived, rather than just known.

At the American International Church, our individual and corporate lives of faith are built on the Lordship of Jesus Christ, as understood by the following Covenant of Faith and Practice.

We believe in God, the Heavenly Father.
We believe in Jesus Christ the son of God, our Divine Lord and personal Savior, whose life, death and resurrection redeem and inspire all who accept him.
We believe in the Holy Spirit, God present with us for guidance, for comfort and for strength.
We believe that the Holy Bible reveals to us the will of God, and that it is our guide in faith and practice.
We believe that the Kingdom of God is Christ’s divine rule in human society.
We believe in prayer, in the sacraments of baptism and communion, in the Church as the Christ’s body of believers, and in life everlasting.

Upon this foundation of our faith, we covenant with one another and with God, to live and labor together as true disciples of Jesus Christ. We further covenant with the body of believers at the American International Church to the following disciplines of personal growth and maturity in Christ:

To meet God daily in prayer
To be instructed by God daily, through the Scriptures
To grow in love toward all people
To worship God regularly
To contribute time regularly to the life of the Church, through its programs and activities
To give proportionately, as God has provided