Rooms for hire

The American International Church is conveniently situated in the West End. We offer open hospitality and a welcoming spirit in keeping with our mission and community.

Main Hall

The church’s main space, this large hall boasts 16ft ceilings, an open floor plan with a raised stage and approximately 2,500 sq feet of space. This space is adaptable for large-scale rehearsals, conferences, read-throughs and examinations (up to 100 candidates) with acoustic panels. It comes with a separate Production Office, including a microwave, fridge and kettle, along with a sink.

Seats 200 theatre style.

Approximate Size: 57ft by 36ft.

Club Room

Parquet floor. Seats 40 theatre style. Approximate size: 39’ x 18’, ceiling height: approximately 16′ . The room has colorama background support, along with poly boards, blinds and a 60 inch monitor. The lights are LED. Great room for music rehearsals, filming castings or read-throughs. Rate depending on usage. There is also an upright piano available. 

Choir Room

Carpeted room for smaller read-throughs, group meetings, or vocal training. Seats 25-30 people theatre style. Approximate size: 21’ x 21’, ceiling height: approximately 16′. There is an upright piano available. Rate depending on usage.

Upper Vestibule

An open room which can seat up to 20-25. Approximate size: 40’ x 15’ maximum, 12′ minimum. This room is on the Tottenham Court Road side of the sanctuary and is best suited to small talks or meetings which are not private. Rate depending on usage.

North Tower Room

Rooms for meetings, auditions, casting sessions, or a temporary office. Approximate size: 12’ x 12’ maximum, 12′ x 9′ minimum.

Conference Room

An affordable option for meetings, wardrobe calls, auditions and casting sessions. Approximate size: 15’ x 14’. Rate depending on usage.


Presently we do not comply with the Disabilities Discrimination Act 1995 and are therefore unable admit groups or individuals who would rely on wheelchair access and disabled facilities.

The church does have plans in place to comply with the Act. Please contact the church office in advance if you, or your companions, have a query concerning the type of access required and we should be able to suggest alternative places that we understand comply with the requirements of the Act.


Monty Strikes, Business Manager
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 0207-580-2791