Who We Are

Our Inclusion

Read our Statement of Welcome that makes clear our inclusion of all God's people.

Our History

From the Whitefield Tabernacle to the American International Church.

Our Beliefs

Jesus' example of faithfulness, love, and service demands we work together in love and service.

The American International Church is a vibrant and diverse community.

Our congregation includes people of many races, languages, cultures, faith traditions, nationalities, ages, genders, abilities, financial circumstances, and sexual identities.

Fewer than half of our congregation is American, with strong representation from British and Filipino communities, alongside people from across Europe, Africa, Asia, and South America. Many people in our community have made London their home, while others are just here for a season.

Even our images of God
are diverse.

Like many international churches, we have people from a variety of church backgrounds, from Catholic to Baptist to Presbyterian to Methodist to evangelical and non-denominational. We also have people of other faiths and no faith who participate regularly in our community.

We have children, youth, students, young adults, single people, and married ones. People come from across London to be a part of our vital, diverse, and thriving congregation.

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