Who We Are

We are the American International Church in London.

American: Because we were established by Americans for Americans living in London post-WWII and our community and worship incorporate some ways of doing and being that might seem uniquely American.

International: Because we have grown to embrace the diversity that is reflected in the city of London as a gathering place for people from all nations and cultures.

Church: Because our core vision is to be a place of growth and hospitality centered on the gospel of Jesus Christ. Our core values include worship, fellowship, discipleship and mission. These four things are reflected in all that we are about.

What does it mean that we incorporate some ways and doing that are uniquely American? Broadly speaking, it means that we have organised our leadership and worship models in a more congregational style than hierarchical. We are less formal or classically liturgical than many British churches, while being flexible and open to the world-wide church and their influences in our work and worship. Additionally, we have a strong emphasis on children’s and youth ministry, embracing the value of incorporating children into the ministry of the church from a very young age.

A key core to our membership is the American ex-patriate community but we value and appreciate the diversity that the broader international community of London has to offer us as we seek to truly reflect the world-wide Christian community.

Come and experience our diverse, warm, welcoming and open Christian community located in the heart of London! We are confident that you will find a warm welcome here at AIC.