Refugee Support

Supporting refugees and asylum seekers to build independence and form community

Following the government’s commitment to resettle refugees through a community-led sponsorship scheme, we launched West End Welcome in 2018.

In partnership with Bloomsbury Baptist Church and the Westminster Quaker Meeting, we have supported and sponsored refugees from Syria, Afghanistan, and Ukraine, helping them adjust to life in London.

Finding a safe place and meeting basic needs is only one step in a much longer journey.

We were recently awarded a grant from Camden Giving’s Equality Fund to grow and sustain this work. Work is underway to design a mentoring and befriending program to support the next stage of that journey by working with recently resettled families and individuals as they build independence and form community.

These relationships might take the form of mentorship, befriending, accompaniment, coaching, networking, conversation, or encouragement as mentors seek to provide holistic, ongoing support around once a week for six months.

Building a new life and community in London

If you are interested in joining this work, we would love to hear from you.

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