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The American International Church is a modern venue situated in the West End at the intersection of some of London’s most popular and famous locales. With a history on Tottenham Court Road going back some 260 years, the current building has been a focus of London’s vibrant international communities since being rebuilt in 1957.

A versatile and contemporary space, the American International Church is frequently used by major entertainment organisations including theatre, opera, television and film companies for auditions and rehearsals. With spaces ranging in seating capacity from 10 to 300, it is a perfect venue for conferences, lectures and examinations; consultations and training sessions and group workouts; filming, recording and wardrobe fittings; and much more.

Contact for Bookings:
Monty Strikes, Business Manager
Phone: 0207-580-2791


Main Hall
The church’s main space, this large hall boasts 16ft ceilings, an open floor plan with a raised stage and approximately 2,500 sq feet of space. This recently-renovated space is adaptable for large-scale rehearsals, conferences, read-throughs and examinations (up to 100 candidates) with acoustic panels and full blackout capability. There is an upright piano for rehearsal and a newly-installed audio-visual system for conferences and larger events.

Seats 300 theatre style

Approximate Size: 57ft by 36ft

Club Room: Parquet floor. Seats 40 theatre style. Approximate size: 39’ x 18’, ceiling height: approximately 16′ . The Club Room has two entrance doors and can be divided into two rooms of 18’ x 12’ and 27’x18’. There is an upright piano available.The room has green,  white and black coloramas. The lights are LED. Great room for filming castings or read-throughs. Rate depending on usage.

Latchcourt - Club Room

Choir Room: Carpeted room for smaller read-throughs or vocal training. Seats 25-30 people theatre style. Approximate size: 21’ x 21’, ceiling height: approximately 16′. There is an upright piano available. Rate depending on usage.

Latchcourt - Choir_Room_1

Upper Vestibule: A carpeted room to seat up to 20-25. Approximate size: 40’ x 15’ maximum, 12′ minimum. This room is on the Tottenham Court Road side of the sanctuary and is best suited to small talks or meetings. Rate depending on usage.

Latchourt - UpperVestibule_1

Conference Room: An affordable option for meetings, wardrobe calls, auditions and casting sessions. Approximate size: 15’ x 14’. Rate depending on usage.

Latchcourt - Conference Room

William Carey Room: An affordable option for meetings,  wardrobe calls,  auditions and casting sessions. Approximate size: 15’ x 12’.  Rate depending on usage.

Latchcourt - William Carey

North Tower Room: Rooms for meetings, auditions, casting sessions, or a temporary office. Approximate size: 12’ x 12’ maximum, 12′ x 9′ minimum.

Latchcourt - North + SouthTowerOffice_1

About Latchcourt Limited

Latchcourt Limited is responsible for the hall rentals at the American International Church.


The Business Manager and the Latchcourt Team are happy to receive enquiries during office hours: Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm. Day Rates: 9am – 5pm, Evening Rates: 6pm–9.45pm, no rentals on Sundays. Visits can be arranged to enable clients to view our spaces.


Presently we do not comply with the Disabilities Discrimination Act 1995 and are therefore unable admit groups or individuals who would rely on wheelchair access and disabled facilities. The church does have plans in place to comply with the Act. Please contact the church office in advance if you, or your companions, have a query concerning the type of access required and we should be able to suggest alternative places of worship that we understand comply with the requirements of the Act.

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