Excellence in music has become an important part of our identity at the American International Church. The Fellowship Choir helps to drive our worship with beautiful, sacred music, past and present, and we enjoy a wide range of instrumental offerings as well.

The Fellowship Choir

The Fellowship Choir numbers approximately 16 singers, of which four are professional section leaders. Led by our Choir Director, Scott Stroman, the Choir is open to all who share a love for singing, and no audition is required. We rehearse in the Sanctuary 7-9pm on Wednesdays, and again at 10am on Sundays (prior to the Worship Service). The last Sunday of each month is Open Choir, when occasional singers can join our Choir and Band for wonderful worship, through music.

In the autumn, the Choir is joined by additional singers to lead the music for the Thanksgiving Day service at St. Paul’s Cathedral, one of the highlights during our year. Come join us and enjoy some warm fellowship and wonderful music!

Occasional Music

During the summer months, when the Fellowship Choir is on hiatus, singers and instrumentalists, from the congregation, provide the music for our worship services. If you’re interested in helping out in this area, let us know.