Children’s Programs

Children’s Programs are Sunday at 11am

At the American International Church, we believe that faith is a lifelong journey. As our children are beginning that journey, we seek to be a place where they know they are loved, a place they enjoy, and where they can learn about God’s love through Jesus Christ.

To help our children along this path, we provide a range of nurturing experiences on Sunday mornings.

Children 3-10 gather together for a shared Sunday School experience through music, video, games and a lesson. Occasionally the groups will be split into 3-6 and 7-10 years old to provide more age specific content for our little ones.

We structure our children’s time using a combination of two different curricula, one called Young Children and Worship and the other Whirl. Both invite young people to participate in various stories from the Bible. Children are encouraged to respond in a variety of ways that reflect their learning styles and gifts.

We want our children to learn about God and enjoy a safe, friendly, and fun community where they can build meaningful friendships and lasting faith.

Members of the congregation, who serve on the Children’s Committee, are on a teaching rotation that puts them in the classroom once or twice each month. To ensure safety, each volunteer submits to a background check in order to work with children, and they always teach in pairs. For more on our security and check-in procedures, click HERE.

For more information contact Stephanie Kremmel.

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